1. Boiler:
Boiler technology has been researched by many countries around the world for a long time but has recently developed strongly due to the increasing demand for energy, and with increasing use of bad fuels and renewable fuels. Thus, boilers have become important and necessary technologies.

Boilers can easily burn the bad fuels to generate energy. It is significant to mention the rice husk heat boiler, which can burn other fuels with sulfur > 5%. This Boiler is one of the leading industrial boiler products in Phuc Truong Hai with main fuels from: rice husks, wood pulp, sawdust, wood chips, and others.
For more information, please refer to PROJECTS pages which presents previous work.
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• Specifications:
– SO2 can be completely eliminated in the combustion chamber by doing the addition of additives, so that SO2 reduction can be up to 99%.
– NOx can be reduced significantly which, when compared to burning coal or fuel oil (FO), the concentration of NOx in flue gas is 150-200mg/Nm3.
– Fluidized Boiler can burn variety of bad fuels with high sulfur content (up to 5%) and high humidity and ash (W, A up to 50%).
– Seeing minimal dioxin emission due to combustion chamber temperature >1050 oC.
– Reducing dust emissions by: dry filter, combining Cyclone + Multi-filter tower.
– Boiler with high efficiency, h = 80 – 90%.
– Fuel combustion efficiency is very high, reaching over 90%.
• Working principles:

– The basic working principle of boiler is very simple and easy to understand. The boiler is essentially a closed vessel inside which water is stored. Fuel (rice husks, wood pulp, sawdust, wood chips) is burnt in a furnace with high temperature (>95oC) and hot gasses are produced. These hot gasses come in contact with water vessel where the heat of these hot gases transfer to the water and consequently steam is produced in the boiler.

• Boiler Efficiency and applications
– Using cheap fuels such as rice husks, wood pulp, sawdust, wood chips. If your enterprise uses those boilers, it can help to save up to 20% of fuel costs compared with coal and FO oil furnaces.
– Programming with PLC-HMI/SCADA electrical system will provide for simple and automatic operation.
– Maintenance cost is very low and with unlimited capacity.
– The heat supply is extremely stable, as the boiler is completely mechanized.
– Automatic water and pressure.
– Protecting water and pressure, combustion chamber temperature.
– Maintenance time and replacement are very low cost.
– No fuel waste when the boiler is stopped
– Reducing the cost of boiler cleaning
– Quick start, easy operation

2. Thermal Oil Boiler:

In addition to using traditional combustion technologies such as Burn Fixation, and Chain sprocket for Thermal Oils. PTH Boiler successfully employs the Boiling Layer Thermal Oil Furnace to use bad fuels with low calorific value, renewable and renewable fuels.

• Specifications:

High temperature of the fire chamber, completely stabilizing the burning of fuels and reducing toxic gas emissions such as CO, SOx, NOx.

Equipped with 3-levels dust filter system: Primary, multi-level, and wet dust filter.

Equipped with high-performance exhaust heat recovery equipment including: drying the air, and reheating the water to reduce exhaust heat.

Equipped with capability to regulate and control CO by adjusting excess oxygen in exhaust smoke.

• Working principles: the same as Boiler.

• Boiler Efficiency and applications: the same as Boiler

3. Waste Heat Boiler:

Waste Heat Boilers apply boiler technology to burn industrial waste (with raw materials that have been pre-processed such as: rags, leather shoes, rubber, foam …).

High efficiency, stable and constant steam supply, saturated industrial steam can be used to run turbines to generate electricity.

Going towards the treatment of both sorted domestic waste with boiler technology go along with power generation.

• Specifications:

– SO2 can be virtually eliminated in the combustion chamber with the addition of additives, so that SO2 reduction can be as much as 99%.

– NOx can be reduced significantly when compared with burning coal or fuel oil (FO), the concentration of NOx in flue gas is 150-200mg/Nm3

– Fluidized Boiler can burn a variety of bad fuels with high sulfur content (up to 5%) and high humidity and ash (W, A up to 50%).

– Seeing virtually no dioxin emission due to combustion chamber temperature >1050oC.

– Reducing dust emissions: dry filter with combination Cyclone + Multi-filter tower.

• Working principles:

Primary burning by Boiler Technology is the technology to burn fuel in the boiling layer with very high temperature > 950oC, the boiling layer is made of quartz sand.

Waste Heat Boiler is an industrial boiler with secondary combustion chamber increasing the combustion chamber temperature up to >1050oC.

• Boiler Efficiency and applications:

Burn all kinds of waste with a calorific value > 2000kCalo.

No toxic gas emissions.

Reclaimed heat used for boilers, Dong Phat electrical generation.

4. Gas Incinerator

Gas/FO/DO boiler is an industrial boiler product calculated and designed by PTP Boiler according to USA design software.

• Specifications:

Super durable design, fully automatic operation, high efficiency.

Thoroughly burning fuels and reducing toxic gas emissions such as CO, SOx, NOx.

• Working principles:

Burning fuel Gas/CNG/LPG/DO/FO

• Boiler Efficiency and applications:

The electrical system is programmed with PLC-HMI / SCADA, so the operation is automated and simple.

The cost of maintenance is very low.

5. Others

Supplying ASME accessories

Suppying Pipe, Co, Te, Bich, Bulon ASME and other equipment technology for industrial waste projects. (show picture)

Processing of pressure equipment

Phuc Truong Hai specializes in processing, manufacturing and installing: Oil tanks, pressure tanks according to ASME standards (mark: U); Pressure boiler (mark: S), pressure tank boiler repair (mark: R – National Board).

Boiler 40T/H with Miza Thanh Hoa Paper

This product started on 05/Nov/2020 during typhoon and flood in central Vietnam.

Phuc Truong Hai Company is the contractor of fabrication and installation of the boiler system 40T/h for the project of Miza Thanh Hoa paper factory.


In early November 2020, the project of the Boiler 40T project of the paper factory which invested by Miza Thanh Hoa Joint Stock Company triggered the second phase and started carrying out construction cranes, installation of auxiliary equipment of the boiler system.


Miza Thanh Hoa Paper Factory with a capacity of up to 40 tons of steam/h. To keep up with the progress of the project, Phuc Truong Hai had to continuously rig and install auxiliary equipment to ensure the supply of steam for the factory. Because we faced many difficulties due to the effects of typhoon No. 9, and No. 10, with heavy rains causing flooding.  We had to delay construction and installation work. However, we did our best and took the initiative to request all our staff to work overtime to make sure we could deliver product on time to our customer.

  • Lò hơi đốt Gas/FO/DO do là 1 sản phẩm lò hơi công nghiệp được PTP Boiler tính toán và thiết kế theo phần mềm thiết kế của USA.

  • Công nghệ tầng sôi là công nghệ được thế giới nghiên cứu từ lâu nhưng mới phát triển mạnh mẽ gần đây do nhu cầu phải sử dụng các nhiên liệu xấu và nhiên liệu tái tạo.  

  • Ngoài việc sử dụng công nghệ đốt truyền thống như đốt Ghi cố định, Ghi xích cho Dầu tải Nhiệt, PTH ứng dụng thành công lò Dầu Tải Nhiệt Công Nghệ Tầng Sôi nhằm sử dụng các nhiên liệu xấu có nhiệt trị thấp, nhiên liệu tái tạo, tái sinh.

  • Công nghệ tầng sôi từ lâu đã được nhiều quốc gia trên thế giới nghiên cứu nhưng chỉ mới phát triển mạnh mẽ trong những năm gần đây do nhu cầu phải sử dụng năng lương tăng cao. Các nhiên liệu xấu và nhiên liệu tái tạo được ứng dụng mạnh từ đó nồi hơi, […]