Founder & CEO

  • Van NGUYEN graduated from University of Technology in Da-Nang City in 2006 with Major in Thermal Refrigeration Engineering.
  • Van NGUYEN joined the research group at Boiler Technology and became one of the first people researching and successfully applying the Boiler technology at Da Nang University of Technology.
  • Van NGUYEN was an expert in optimization of the boiler efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as provided by UNIDO USA & Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT).

At a glance:
PTH BOILER is the leader in the energy industry. We are one of the largest Boiler Companies in Vietnam
We take pride in providing highly durable boiler products to our customers that ensure high uptime, are cost effective and are environment friendly. While using PTH boiler products, customers are not dependent on a single fuel supply allowing them freedom of choice & fuel security. (Van Nguyen’s comment)

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Core value

Be committed to bring quality products Be respectful and devoted to customers Constantly innovate, improve quality of products and services be passionated

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Provide the safest, most environmentally friendly and efficient boilers with reasonable cost. Build an build an innovative, professional and sustainble working,...

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Leading the Vietnamese market and expanding Asia in terms of modern boilers with diversified fuel supplies.

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Hoàn thiện, phát triển và bàn giao lò hơi đốt trên ghi bậc thang chuyên đốt nhiên liệu rác thải công nghệp chế tạo theo tiêu chuẩn công nghệ Châu Âu.
Design and produce completely high efficiency boiler system, burning many types of fuels on the same boiler.
Became the first company to produce solid fuel boilers based on ASME standard and developed successfully waste incinerator technology.
Established PTH BOILER Company Limited. Certified business and registered tax no. 3602538305 which provided by the Department of Planning and Investment of Dong Nai Province for the first time on 15/Jul/2011. Main industry: Product and manufacture of pressure equipment, boiler, thermal oil furnace with diversified fuel supplies.
Specialized in researching and production of boiler by coal, Biomass for businesses selling saturated steam.